The primary focus of the Laboratories is to develop answers to research questions both for energetic materials and other materials. The synthesis of new energetic materials, their testing and performance products are analyzed to provide safety information.

The science labs have aims to ensure technical and scientific support to the users for the preparation required in the beamline experiments and furthermore to provide the infrastructure needed for in-house research projects in the field of science.

School is having a well equipped Biology lab, where children deal with most of the characters of living beings through specimen’s slides & through different activities. Internal structure of plants, watching micro-organism through microscope make them to understand things correctly & precisely. It’s the place where child’s imagination comes into visible form.

We have a well established computer laboratory featuring 23 workstations. The computer laboratory has been upgraded with appropriate software as per the syllabus. Computer Lab enables to learn, Corel Draw, Adobe Flash, Logo, Paint brush, MS-Office, etc.