The house system in the school occupies a prominent place and plays an important role in the furtherance of cultural and co curricular activities in the school. Every student is allotted a particular house as soon he/she is admitted to the school. The school has four houses named traditionally-Ashoka, Raman, Tagore and Shivaji with the house in charge of each house. The idea of the system is to inculcate a sense of competition, cooperation, identity and belongingness. To instill a true sense of leadership, students are given administrative responsibilities such as house captains, vice captains, and perfects for the activities. Captains have four broad functions Assembly, Cleanliness, Display, and Discipline.

Ashoka house:- Named after great king Ashoka, on the principle of non violence.

Raman House:-Named after great scientist C.V.Raman on the principle of hands on science.

Tagore House:-Named after great poet R.N.Tagore on the philosophy of spirituality.

Shivaji House:- Named after great warrior Shivaji on the concept of bravery.